Green Clip & Reading

*whistles*claps*jumps up and down*

I’m so doing the Happy Dance. Lil Bit had a GREEN clip day. That means she was good all day. Do you know what makes me like green clip days? Other than the obvious want for her to behave?

Her smile.

She hops off the bus with the brightest smile I have ever seen because she knows she had a good day and she is proud of herself. It’s easily readable on her face. And it makes me smile.

She had such a great day all day yesterday.

We actually woke up late, giving us just 15 minutes to get ready. I reminded her to go to the lunchroom for breakfast and she did! She told me when she got home that she had cheese toast for breakfast and it was ‘yummy’.

I felt like I was floating on clouds yesterday.

I should do happy points in my posts lol. For each good thing, I’ll give the post a point. what do you think?

And after a couple of days of inattentiveness (ie only getting a word or two out of Lil Bit while she plays around…), we read a book together last night. Although she did most of the reading.

Casey Cat Has A Hat is a Tag(TM) book by Leapfrog. It is part of the Learn To Read Phonics Book Set 1: Short Vowels (also found here). It is part of the set and is not sold separately (though if you find it, let me know as ours has some water damage)

If i were to type every word she read I would essentially be typing the entire book here, but I’ll try: cat, has, hat, rat, bat, and, mat, taps, on, map, cap, rap, fan, van, ran, to, fat, mad, bed, pet, fed, in

It’s pretty easy to get the gist of a story by looking at those words, and I was concerned that she was only giving me the words that would rhyme in the sentence and appeared in the picture. However, at the back of the book, there is a list of ‘Words You’re Learning’ and she read them on her own.

Proud doesn’t begin to describe how I felt while reading the book with her.

After we were done, we again read Chicka Chicka A,B,C. That book, is very easy to memorize and she is doing a good job of it. When she doesn’t recite the sentence correctly, we look at the words together and she will sound out the one she missed. An example would be how in the beginning of the book, the letters say ‘meet you at the top’ while the next page says ‘beat you to the top’. She tends to say ‘meet you at’ until we back up and look at the sentence more closely. It doesn’t take much for her to figure things out.

One good thing about Chicka Chicka A,B,C is that it uses the word ‘and’ often, which makes it easier for her to recognize.

If anyone is interested, I only have the Phonics Book Set 1, so they may be a great birthday or yule gift. There are 4 sets total and we are missing:

Learn To Read Phonics Book Set 2: Long Vowels, Silent E & Y
Learn To Read Phonics Book Set 3: Consonants
Learn To Read Phonics Book Set 4: Advanced Vowels

I’ve linked the above to the Leapfrog site because that is the best place in case the bundles are updated.

I think I’ll add in a post or page that lists all the tag books we own. It’s not too long of a list, but Lil Bit adores them.

Until next time (most likely tonight ;))


Lil Bit’s reading progress:

Updated list: big, books, dress, up, fun, ship, land, sing, is, look, seeds, fall, from, for, on, all, mask, under, beat, ball, bump, shy, over, no, nose, need, help, cat, has, hat, rat, bat, and, mat, taps, on, map, cap, rap, fan, van, ran, to, fat, mad, bed, pet, fed, in

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