Bragging Rights

I had this included with my ‘Red Clips Raining Down’ post, but felt it deserved a separate post 🙂

A recent development in Lil Bit’s class is a ‘reading rainbow’ sort of activity. Every 3 weeks, the class is given a list of 12-16 words that they need to learn. We received the first set of words on Friday. (a, and, go, the, zero, one, two, etc) The list had the numbers in order, so instead of reading the numbers, she was reciting the numbers in order from one to ten. Once I noticed this I pulled out index cards and a sharpie and wrote each word on a separate card, then shuffled. It’s Wednesday now and she is able to read all the words, plus the colors red, blue, orange, yellow, green.

I am amazed at how quickly she picked up the words. I believe she will be tested on Friday to see which words she understands. There was a note with the activity that stated if they got the words earlier, to let Ms H know and she would test them in class. If they proved literacy than they would move onto the next level of the rainbow. (I’m assuming Orange lol). I’m glad there is finally something to challenge her some. She enjoys the reading and our books together are becoming more and more enjoyable as she gains confidence in her ability 🙂

I’m such a proud bragging mom, so don’t mind me 🙂 Now if only we could get her to stop crawling under chairs and tables….


Lil Bit’s reading progress:

Sight words: and, the, go, to, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, zero

Updated list: big, books, dress, up, fun, ship, land, sing, is, look, seeds, fall, from, for, on, all, mask, under, beat, ball, bump, shy, over, no, nose, need, help, cat, has, hat, rat, bat, and, mat, taps, on, map, cap, rap, fan, van, ran, to, fat, mad, bed, pet, fed, in

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