Back From Four Day Weekend- Seeing Red

With Labor Day yesterday and after Lil Bit’s sick day, she ended up having a four day weekend. Apparently i let her relax too much. Wednesday and Thursday last week were green clip days. Even the bribery of Chuckie Cheeses if she was good all week didn’t work to keep her motivated. Again, i’m chalking it down to boredom… especially looking at the school work that they are now doing. Maybe it’s because it’s still early in the year, but there is also no homework. This image is her homework for the week. She was done in less than a minute.

Too Easy

I’m not saying anything against her teacher or the school- the school is one of the top in the county. I know it seems like I’m doing nothing but complaining, but honestly? Why do ADD kids act out? Because they can’t sit still. What about children who are already versed in the day’s lessons? Same thing. They act out, they need more direction, more activity. Lil Bit really needs more of a challenge. In her folder was a sheet of number two’s repeated 16 times and each was a traceable number. Instead of just the first number being dotted, it was an entire page of traceable numbers.

I’m not a teacher. I don’t have my Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education (though I do have my Associates), so i’m sure I am not qualified to say all this, but she is my daughter and I am going by what I have noticed.

According to her report for the day: (Teacher’s Comments, My Response)

1. Disturbing Others: She refused to join group time

  • I warned Ms H from the beginning that she was anti-social. This has been an ongoing occurrence in the classroom ‘She didn’t sit during circle time’ is another common comment.

2. Special Areas: She did not follow directions

  • I will be asking for clarification on this. She tends to do things her own way. If someone wants her to draw a picture a way she doesn’t like, she will throw a fit. She likes things ‘just right’

3. Workstation Behavior: She did not finish her work

  • Again, I will be writing to ask for clarification on this. What work were they doing that she did not finish? I would not put it past her to stop tracing numbers because it was boring for her. If she’s learning something than more likely than not, she will pay attention. I guess I’ll find out. 


She hasn’t been in class a month yet, so I won’t get upset or worked up yet. I just hope things get more exciting for her. Her school is planning on offering after-school ballet classes through a local company. I’m considering this for her as I remember how much she loved dancing.

I also considered Girl Scouts, but not sure on that one just yet. It may help with her social issues, but i’m not sure if i want to put her in such an environment. Will there be pressure? I understand they help girls grow ‘spiritually’. Are they a mainly Christian organization? I’m in the Bible Belt after all. (I’m not Christian FYI).

I know I will need to introduce some after school activity soon. The only question is ‘what?’


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Raisa
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 21:40:25

    This is from a behavior analyst point of view and the questions i would ask the teacher
    1. Even though she does not join the group, does she follow along with the activity? i.e. she is “alone” but may still be singing the songs, or following circle time routine. etc.

    2. What does her “fidgety-ness” look like? description should be such that you can act it out yourself. Ex: lil bit got out of her chair and ran around the classroom for 5 whole minutes before siting down in the reading corner where she proceded to read the sight words for 5 minutes and then came back to her seat. (see how you can envision the behavior?) versus. Lil bit was out of control and did not listen. All her inappropriate behavior should be clearly defined so your definition AND the teachers definition of inappropriate behavior is the same. Once you have defined the behavior then you need to know the ABC of the behavior. A=antecedent (what happened right before the behavior) B=behavior C= consequence of that behavior. Keep a track of this ABC data for a couple of weeks (or heck even 1 week) to find the pattern of behavior.

    3. Have you tested her for sensory processing disorder? (i only ask because you suspected Asperger once. Not that they are related or mutually exclusive. If she has a hard time sitting down, concentrate, just doesnt seem to be able to “control her body” does not always equate to ADHD, it can be sensory integration issue. I would look into this if you havent already.

    4. what kind of modifications is the teacher making? both academically and behaviorally?

    5. Catch her doing the right things and praise her for it. If she sits down and does her work she needs to be told “i like the way you are sitting”. Behavior specific praise.


    • tinyangel3d
      Sep 04, 2012 @ 22:04:07

      Most of that we went through at her old school and this is just us starting the process again. You are the second person to suggest Sensory Processing Disorder. My problem is finding a professional i can trust as i had bad luck with the last one lil bit saw.

      With your 1st and 2nd points, that is why i posted on here what Ms H had written down. It was not specific enough for me to understand what was going on. I’ll probably schedule another conference later this week. I wish she could email me, it would save us both time. Any time i write a letter, i don’t get a response and it is annoying.

      I like your idea on the 1:1 with an older girl, but i don’t know any lol. Maybe she could sit with one during the lunch hour.

      I’ll bring these things up to her teacher again and add on what i didn’t think of before. Thank you very much 🙂


  2. Raisa
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 21:43:44

    oh and as far as socialization goes try to find her ONE older girl to play with 1:1. someone in the 1st or 2nd grade to ease her into socialization and you have to monitor and participate in the social interaction so Lil Bit knows what is expected of her. I say older child because she would have the patients and an advance social skills which provides a good model.


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