Best Week Yet!

An absolutely amazing week this week for lil bit! Monday was a yellow day, but Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and today (Friday). I’m so proud and amazed!

Wednesday a local dance studio held an orientation at lil bit’s school because they are offering ballet as an after school program. While the orientation was good, i think that the setting would be too lax for her personality. After talking with the director, she showed me the other options. The studio is very close to the house, so getting her to class would not be a problem.

While the after school program would be $45 a month for 45 minutes of just ballet, with various performances at school events, the program i was told about was actually their Company dance group. Or in Lil Bit’s case Mini-Company. It’s $77 a month with an annual recital. She will have Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, and Acro (Tumbling). It’s spread through the week so it won’t be too overwhelming. The classes run longer than the usual 45 minutes, so she will actually have a chance to learn ballet instead of playing around the entire time. Not to mention the Mini-Company option is a better deal.

Don’t get me wrong, i want her to have fun, but i know her personality. She needs a stricter environment or she will (1) lose interest or (2) throw tantrums.

The only problem i see is that she doesn’t usually like tap because of the noise. I’ll see how she does. The class is 1 hour of ballet with 30 minutes of tap at the end, worst comes to worst, i’ll keep her out of the ballet class.

Yesterday Lil Bit and I went to Walmart and Payless for her clothes for her classes. The selection was horrendous. I was only able to find 1 short sleeve black leotard in her size. The rest were too large or long sleeves. Luckily i was able to find a pair of shorts!

At payless they are having their BOGO sale, so it was a good time to go. I got her black tap shoes (1/2 size smaller than her street shoes), pink leather ballet shoes, tan tights, and a pair of dress shoes for school.

I also went shopping crazy for my sis at Walmart… i need to control the urge to buy everything cute i see!

As far as school goes, other than the fantastic week of 4 green clips (HOORAY!), bella is 3 sets of sight words ahead of her class. The order is Red, Purple, Yellow, Green, Orange, etc. She has all but 2 words from the orange list.

Anyway, we’ve got ballet/tap tonight followed by ice cream for her fantastic week. Tomorrow she has Acro/Tumbling. I’ll see how she likes the classes and how she responds to the teachers and how the teachers respond to her. My fingers are crossed. This is a great way for us to get out of the house 🙂

Oh! Almost forgot. I’m looking at buying a new camera sometime this weekend! While I really want the Canon SX40, I don’t have the $340 to get it at the moment. I’m looking at the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25K. Another highly rated digital point and shoot camera. I found it refurbished and like new for under $120 *Fingers crossed*

Anyway, hopefully that means i can get some good videos of a reading Lil Bit. For now, I’ll stick with what i’ve got. I have a short video of her reading ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ but I’m having problems posting it. I’ll hopefully be able to post that video and an updated reading progress later on. Until then!

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