Slacker. *cough cough*

Okay, so I’m really (REALLY) bad at keeping journals, so I should have warned you all that this would NOT be consistent.

Things have been going really well here. We spent Thanksgiving in New York and it was a fantastic time. Even if most of the time we were waiting for my sister to go into labor.

FINALLY, the baby decided she wanted to arrive and my sister went into active labor on black Friday.

It was a complete and total mess. The hospital was 40 minutes away, but they still sent my sister home when her contractions were 4 minutes apart. My jaw dropped at that.

Anyway, Amelia Ann Russ finally arrived and just in time before me and lil bit had to return home

Lil bit meets the baby

Lil bit meets the baby

My girl was happy to meet her new cousin, even if she quickly became jealous. She is so used to being the only little one and having all the attention, that it was hard on her that no one was really paying her any attention.

On our second visit, my sis was having problems getting the baby to eat. We sat Lil Bit onto the couch and used a pillow to help position the baby. Finally lil Amelia decided to eat.


We only had a couple of days unfortunately, but we spent what we could with the family.

We didn’t go to visit for Christmas since the Oct and Nov trips were playing havoc on my bank account.


Lil Bit had a quiet birthday this year. I opted out of a party due to cost and her christmas list.

As usual, I made her pancakes 🙂

Sixth Birthday Pancakes

Sixth Birthday Pancakes

It’s tradition for me to make her pancakes on her birthday with at least one shaped in the number of her age.

She received clothes and finally has jeans that fit her (Mommy is doing a happy dance here). She also received arts and crafts things and cool barbie knee and elbow pads.

I got her the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Easel and I’m happy that she loves it. It has a dry-erase board on one side, chalkboard on the other, and a roll of paper for painting. Randomly throughout the day, she will walk to it and draw or write notes. Mostly “I love mommy”. No i’m not tooting my own horn lol.

Birthday Easel

Birthday Easel


Christmas was nice and quiet. Christmas Eve we spent with my cousin and godchildren. We stayed for a few hours before I looked outside and noticed the fog. It was so thick I couldn’t see past he neighbor’s yard. Needless to say the drive home was stressful.

Christmas day was just me an Lil Bit, which I liked. She was spoiled as always, but it kept us busy.

I had a wish list set up on Amazon for her, most of which was arts and crafts, so once her gifts were opened, the paints and brushes and crayons also came out.

She got a Dreamlight, 24 pack of Play-doh, Nintendo 3DS (they were out of the regular DS and i currently have the 3D option turned off), a new mini-lala loopsy, La La Loopsy Sew Cute Patient… and on and on and on and on. My poor child, never gets anything. (insert sarcasm here.)


Well, I’ll update on school in another post and possibly add pictures. This one is a bit image heavy 🙂

OH! And guess who lost her two bottom teeth? Of course it was after christmas, so she can’t ask Santa for them 😉

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  1. lifefullofjules
    Jan 12, 2013 @ 11:30:37

    I love the photo of her holding the baby. what an awesome piece of history to have!


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