Update 12-24-13

Haven’t had anything to complain about! lol

Honestly I have always been horrendous at keeping up with journaling- even when I was younger, I would skip months at a time. I think the most I wrote was while I was in college- but then I had a lot to get off my chest and out of my head. (A story for another time).

So, how are you? We have been good!

This year has been so amazingly different from any others. Her teacher is so helpful and amazing. It is such a breath of relief for my child to have a teacher who will work WITH me!

The SST (Student Support Team) Meetings have been helpful as well. We have met 4 times- twice without the principal and once without the psychologist. While Lil Bit’s behavior is improving, there are still some things that are a concern.

Lil Bit is sensitive… SENSITIVE. The smallest mistake will make her melt down horrendously. She still has difficulty relating to her peers as well.

This is the primary reason that she is going to be officially evaluated by the school. These past few months they have been watching to gauge whether an evaluation was necessary and they have come to the conclusion that it was.

I’m scared, upset, and nervous. As much as I wanted this, I hoped it wouldn’t really come to this. I feel like I’ve done something wrong in raising her, but she is such an amazingly bright and fun child. I don’t think it is anything like Autism, and I’m still unsure about high functioning Aspergers, but time will tell.

I am going through all this for multiple reasons.

1. her meltdowns not only disrupt her learning, but her classmates’ learning as well. That is unfair to the other children in the class AND to the teacher.

2. While ‘labeling’ a 7 year old is not what I want, understanding what may be causing the reactions will cause teachers to react to her differently (ie. not sitting her in a chair for 2 hours waiting for her to talk….) While all children are different, those with evaluations and a diagnosis are reacted to differently. To sum it up? My child is not a spoiled brat who melts down just because she doesn’t get her way, and it’s time the school saw that.

I’ve had multiple meetings with the teacher this year and they have all been productive. Lil Bit excels in math and science and is at level, if not a bit above, in reading.

After a particularly bad day, she pulled me aside to ask about punishments and to help me understand that they weren’t working- and I agreed. So I changed things up and made the punishments for poor school behavior harder.

Previously if she got on red or blue or yellow she would lose a privilege (TV, Computer, Games). But the next day, she would get a refresh.

Currently if she gets on red, blue or yellow, she loses all privileges- but can only get one back per day. I also made the punishments more detailed. Instead of gaining ‘computer’ she will gain ‘pbs kids games’ or ‘dreambox’- something educational versus something leisurely. The very last thing she can lose is ‘dance’ which is only in extreme situations. It has only happened twice, thankfully.

I knew that the hard part of the current system was going to be remembering which privileges she had earned back. So I printed little 1″x1″ squares with her privileges on them: ‘Netflix’, ‘Disney Jr’, ‘TV & Computer’, ‘DS’, ‘Dance’, ‘tablet’, ‘Slumber Party’. (The last was a one time deal, so sits on the side until it comes up again.) Once printed, i pasted the paper to a sheet of construction paper to make it heavier and cut the squares out. Finally i glued little magnets to the back of each square. This is what I ended up with.



The calendar is actually outside Lil Bit’s room, so she always sees it and can visualize how her behavior affects her fun. When she is on red, I move all of the magnets to ‘No’. If she is on blue or is misbehaving at home, she moves one or two of the magnets (depending on the infraction and level of behavior).

This approach has worked very well- and would never have come to be without her teacher telling me that my methods did nothing to help. Currently she has been on ‘green’ for over a month.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Dahlia
    Dec 25, 2013 @ 23:16:50

    I enjoyed the update! Glad to hear all is well with you both. Don’t worry about the testing. She’s a bright and beautiful young lady with she has an awesome mom so she will be fine-regardless! I love the behavior calendar by the way. I think I may need to steal that idea for Hunt. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and a New Year to come! xo


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