2014 (PT 1)

An intense and busy year! Since it is so image heavy I am going to split it into 2 posts. Here is through July 🙂

January 2014


  • It was probably record breaking cold in GA this month. 9 degrees? 15 degrees?
  • Snow. In GA. Enough said. Seriously. SEE THIS VIDEO (fyi this is just a couple of exits from my own lol)
  • The city basically shut down and was compared to “The Walking Dead” , kids had to stay overnight in schools since parents couldn’t get there to pick them up. People had to stay overnight in their cars… I was just lucky to have been volunteering at the school library that day.

Librarian: “If you want you can probably take Bella home early.”
Me: “Nah It will be okay.”
5 minutes later…
Me: “You know, I think I will talk to the front office” 

  • Good thing too since with less than an inch on the ground (SLUSH!) I slid a bit going up hill :/
  • The world laughed at GA getting some inches of snow and shutting down… I laughed with them. Even though I lived through the same I could only shake my head at the craziness that ensued. (Check Out: 9 Unbelievable Photos of What 1-2 inches of Snow Did to Atlanta)
  • Little bit enjoyed her first REAL snowfall. Making snow angels and smacking me with snowballs. *memories*

January 28:








  • More snow. No, really, I am serious!




1896902_10152198249870661_616009257_n (1)

  • I chopped my hair off. 14 inches actually. A shock to my system. I couldn’t go out without straightening it because otherwise it looked like I stuck my finger in a light socket… but otherwise I liked it 😉

1939858_10152231078765661_503952958_o (1)          1897780_10152228205625661_1601582772_n (1)


  • Pretty quiet month.
  • March 24: Breakfast Club turns 30 😉
  • Got innovative and bought a $5 drying rack to hold Lil Bit’s Build A Bear animals (AKA: My Little Pony Collection)


1495475_10152294430640661_1392769155_n  10171076_10152294430580661_846923500_n


  • I started Couch to 5K trying to get healthy. I still have a goal of running a 5K. One day I will. I started at about 22 mins/mile. Halfway through the month I was at 15 mins
  • More crafting: skirts, tutus, etc 😉
  • Lil Bit’s first time roller skating! My goddaughter’s 7th birthday party was at a local rink so she got a chance to wear some wheels. At first she was cautious, but by the end of the party she was flying and dancing in her (wheeled) shoes.


  • Like clockwork, every Wednesday (PE day) she would come home and have a snack before doing her homework. Then while doing her homework, she would fall asleep. Never failed.


  • Made a reversible purse to match the dress 😀


  • Pulled Lil Bit’s clothes out one morning… she got mad when i put her in jeans with sparkles. “I don’t want to look cute. I want to be rockin!” Zebra sheer sleeved shirt for the win.


  • Got called back for some interviews for jobs. I had been applying for a long time and was so happy to have the opportunity again.


  • More crafting! Note to self: no more glitter tulle tutus!
  • Attended my beautiful goddaughter’s dance recital 😀
  • Lil Bit performed in her first Talent Show. She was absolutely amazing! The school had told parents to get an instrumental version of the song their child would like to sing – and I was the only one. So, yes, what you hear is all her.

  • We made some craft gifts for her teachers

1st Grade Teacher:

10407397_10152402045090661_7910492290888198581_n  10313984_10152402044910661_5846886172583087173_n10271602_10152402044490661_3632486364177096303_n

Music Teacher:


Art Teacher:


  • Lil Bit Finished 1st Grade! She had such a fantastic and wonderful year! She got an “Artistic Award” and a Certificate for participation in the Talent Show


  • I started my new job at a local furniture store and truly understood the saying ‘my dogs are barking’ lol. 38 hrs in the first week and not allowed to sit except on lunch breaks was hard, especially without proper shoes. It was commission sales and a bit hard to get used to things, but I managed. Finding a sitter was a true P-I-T-A though.
  • My cousin got married in NY and i unfortunately could not make it there. I was looking at the pictures and Lil Bit turns to me and says “Hey Mommy, why don’t you get married with someone else?” *face palm*


  • Lil Bit’s Dance Recital was amazing as always. She loved her fringed costume most as could be seen by the big smile on her face. Somehow we got all her hair into a bun…

10419503_10152480279215661_4089194370461601604_n     10460447_10152438118575661_1436506223867383599_n     10416634_10152438118135661_859451013909080379_n

  • Switched babysitters 3 times. One was too expensive, one unreliable, the other manipulative. Ended going back to the first with a lower fee.
  • Lil Bit experienced her first Flea Market with one of her sitters. Conversation went something like this:

LB: Why are we here, it’s hot
10 minutes later
LB: This is great! Why have we never been here before?!

  • Lil Bit got to see Maleficent at the movies


  • Puppy needed surgery. Mommy handled it well.

10406966_10152488102570661_704789541010809433_n   10446453_10152488127645661_7137195194006614151_n

10449487_10152489841835661_276389085625054334_n    10438162_10152489841740661_1759056567107857592_n    10489943_10152489841680661_720334140773760674_n


  • Since I got my haircut months ago, she decided she wanted hers cute too. Yes, I cried

10522363_10152517839085661_2260464504138827685_n    10524689_10152517839160661_7210550558812364630_n

  • Her first watch. Just like I refused to buy her velcro shoes since I knew she could tie her own, I didn’t want to buy her a digital watch.


  • I turned 31. Google told me happy birthday lol


  • ‘Kids say the funniest things’: Dropped Lil Bit off at the sitter with a pot of mac’n’cheese. When I picked her up, the sitter handed me the pot back- empty and clean.
    Me: What did you have for lunch?
    LB: Mac n cheese!
    Me: Did you eat the whole pot?!
    LB: Well, I didn’t eat the pot…

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