2014 (PT 2)

This one shouldn’t be quite so image heavy…


  • Did calculations and realized that working actually COST me $800 a month. Between babysitting and the cost of gas it was a bit ridiculous. I still stuck with it though, hoping the fact that the job was commission would even it out some more. It didn’t. At least not often.
  • Lil Bit started 2nd grade. Her teacher was a hit immediately which I was grateful for.
  • She unfortunately had to have a tooth pulled (being a chipmunk is detrimental to her teeth :/) and had a spacer put it.

Passed out at the salon, post dancing post dentis lol

  • I finally got my hair dyed. It’s really annoying to have so much grey hair at my age. Doesn’t hurt that I like red hair :p

She found it hilarious when I was getting my hair dyed. Had to get a pic

  • Puppy joined me at work. So he wouldn’t be lonely.


  • We went to Night at the Museum at the Tellus Museum. This is an amazing annual event that we hadn’t been to since the very first. Actors pose as historical figures as well as fictional characters and stay in character the whole night. An amazing, educational, fun night for all!
  • Of course while we were there she kept trying to see the exhibits, so I promised her the next day we would return. It’s a good thing I have an annual membership 😉
  • Not completely personal or family related, but I must mention the loss of a fantastic entertainer, Robin Williams. On more than one occasion he lightened my darkness and just thinking of Lil Bit’s daddy’s impressions of his ‘Golf’ bit kept me going. A very much missed man and a tragedy he is gone so soon. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry or that I wasn’t affected.
  • I officially stopped working at the dance school. I worked hard to keep things flowing and the yearbook going, but in the end work wasn’t appreciated so I stopped trying. I was sad to go since I truly enjoyed the creativity the job gave me, but I hit more brick walls than anything.


  • Mom celebrated her 1 year wedding anniversary.
  • We returned to the Tellus Museum (shocking, I know lol!)
  • I rediscovered Beauticontrol and became a consultant. Not 100% active, but enough that I can order things when needed. One of the few cosmetic/bath and body companies that I can use with no worries. I have very sensitive skin, but never have issues with their lines.
  • I had a wonderful fanfiction review that unfortunately did not kick my muse into gear, but gave me a great laugh for sure!
    • “I love your stories so very much especially Corvus. I am in need of more just as I am in need of air to breath. If I die before you finish this story my spirit will haunt you until you finish. I will be the most evil ghost too. I have plans to watch over your shoulder as you write, scrape forks against plates. I will make your cat pounce onto you just as you drift of to sleep.

      if that does not get your creative juices flowing I plan to mess up your hair as soon as you’ve got it fixed perfectly. I will hide your keys and remotes every time you set them down. I will make the power flicker just as you’re about to save a text or game. I will leave your toilet lid up for weeks and then start leaving it down when you get used to that.

      You have been warned!”

  • Attended September Saturdays with the SCA group to see what was going on. They had demonstrations and Lil Bit tried her hand at rock climbing. She didn’t get very far, but she did try and that’s what is important to me.

10698578_10152689010210661_3451404578852683035_n     10653473_10152689002270661_5683790131782092619_n     1450728_10152689002425661_1740141738622501889_n


  • I began a fantastic Meal Plan with a local trainer. It’s all via facebook and I lost lots of inches the first month. not only the weight and inches, but my energy sky rocketed!
  • The workplace becomes a bit stressful for me but I hold on (including my tongue… well mostly anyway. By the end of the month I am over the excitement of a new job)
    • I must vent for a moment. One of the girls at work is getting on my nerves… always talking about ‘don’t you miss your child’. Even to customers. I understand she is a new mom, but it is irking and hurtful and inconsiderate IMHOWe had a woman come in who worked 2 jobs M-F. 8-230, then 4-12. The associate said ‘But you never see your son’. And many other things that I had to tune out. I eventually cut in with ‘You do what you have to do.’Trust me when I say this woman knows that. Trust me when I say I know this. I hate missing a lot from Bella. But we do have time together that we cherish all the more. And I was blessed to have been able to stay at home while i could. Now it’s time to work. To show my child that life isn’t just given to you. You work for it to make your home and to get the things you want.

      Stop judging”

  • Pettit Creek Farms for pumpkin picking and more. She got onto the large trampolines and scared herself I think. Again, I am just happy she tried it 🙂 New experiences are hard for her.

Hay Ride and Feeding the animals

1901424_10152744534120661_5378850171434475157_n     1925119_10152744533500661_8746038187247883500_n     1782157_10152744532930661_2966063803080969730_n



Around the Grounds (she had to try to get on the poor Hippo)


Our Pumpkins and a baby one for Puppy lol


  • What’s a pumpkin without the carving. I free hand drew Oogie Boogie (from Nightmare Before Christmas)

Dig out the guts!


Free hand Oogie


  • After reading the Wizard of Oz in class, Lil bit became slightly obsessed. She loved the movie, loved the books and decided to be Dorothy for Halloween. I even got her her very own Toto. It doesn’t hurt that her school has a Storybook Character day and she got to wear it then as well 🙂


  • Halloween didn’t last too long unfortunately. We only trick or treated for about 20 minutes before she complained about her stomach hurting her. She ended up sick with the stomach bug all night 😦


  • Continued on with another month on the Meal Plans. Amazing results!
  • My niece turned 2 and again I could not be there. Me and Bella are missing so much. 😦
  • Beaker arrived for Thanksgiving as always


  • And we always find ways to be creative

10358710_10152823721240661_8349928052328059978_n     1381980_10152823876360661_7116460126170923912_n

  • Lil Bit succeeded with her first wrapped gift.


One more post to go. December had so many things and photos I had to put it on its own!


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