2014 (Pt 3- December)

December (If you thought it was image Heavy before… just wait!)

  • Beaker started Lil Bit’s birthday off BIG!



Lego Advent Calendar from Beaker

  • Annual tradition. I think I started this when she was 2. Her fave breakfast has always been pancakes so i made them in the shape of her age every birthday. The 8 was trick, but I got it done 😉


  • The surprise of the day was taking her to Build a Bear to fix Pinkie Pie who’s threading was coming out. Of course we got Pinkie fixed, but I also let her choose a new Pony.


  • And since we were in the mall anyway, and so was the man in red… well…


  • THEN I called up her godmother who was nearby and met us at Chili’s for dinner. To Lil Bit’s surprise! She was also quite shy when the staff sang her Happy Birthday.


  • Her BIGGEST request this year, at least expense wise, was the American Girl doll of the Year. Of course the doll loved dance just like her and had a similar name… so HOW could I say no? Well… i couldn’t…


  • Even thought she had desert at Chili’s we had to have a cake at home. No sugar high though. She didn’t like the frosting she picked out!!


  • Lil Bit got to see a live performance of The Nutcracker as part of a school field trip. She enjoyed it so much and has constantly asked when she could dance in it as well. (She was not in dance this past year, but this lit a fire under that creative idea)
  • We made our first ever Gingerbread House! All the kits I ever saw had peanut/tree nut contamination, so when I saw one that didn’t I jumped at the chance. She had a blast and I hope to do it again!

10858371_10152843520850661_3742781819626690846_n   10704110_10152843520955661_7486268787523201269_n  10849734_10152843521100661_2945509842427461178_n   10676111_10152843521495661_2907269403757336822_n

  • We attended Member Appreciation Day at Tellus Museum which was a blast as well. They had a photo props (see pic), bags and hats to design, a hot cocoa bar, and a snow tent.

10806237_10152855776795661_4804520125200397813_n   10850306_10152855020405661_2183977525284637767_n   10850136_10152855020130661_2311018720497230082_n   10849801_10152855020065661_6622852349422557534_n   10850224_10152855019660661_224455397763674007_n

  • We went to the Pettit Creek Christmas Lights. A drive through light show. A bit expensive, but enjoy it for the time i get to spend with Lil Bit. They have hot cocoa and fire pits that you can get marshmallows for. I ate waaaay too many! Other than that she got to ride a pony


  • Beaker, our Elf, cause lots and lots of chaos!

Cheerio Angels?


Sneaking snacks


Gone fishing


Reindeer Games


My kitchen table…

  • Another tradition of making cookies. Half green, half red. Lil Bit gave Santa a choice. Red or green and egg nog or milk 🙂

10885558_10152880663760661_3382315214462376244_n 10492504_10152880664370661_7834185729219248752_n

10888670_10152881347260661_5088778262246810671_n 10805640_10152881347310661_5257104804984027760_n

  • A good girl this year. Check out the gifts!

  • I treated myself this year to a bracelet from Kohls. Not quite Pandora, but close enough 😉


  • And since I got myself the bracelet, I let Lil Bit pick out a charm for me. I gave her free reign and had no idea what she got me until I opened it Christmas Eve. It was torture, but my girl knows me well.


  • Christmas was amazing and Lil Bit had a blast! She appreciated everything she got and couldn’t wait to play with the new toys or wear her new clothes. Especially when they came with a matching set for Isabelle…


So this Recap has more been a year in review through pictures, but I am glad to have gone through all the posts and photos. Reminds me of all that we did in 2014. So this is me signing off for now! 



2014 (PT 2)

This one shouldn’t be quite so image heavy…


  • Did calculations and realized that working actually COST me $800 a month. Between babysitting and the cost of gas it was a bit ridiculous. I still stuck with it though, hoping the fact that the job was commission would even it out some more. It didn’t. At least not often.
  • Lil Bit started 2nd grade. Her teacher was a hit immediately which I was grateful for.
  • She unfortunately had to have a tooth pulled (being a chipmunk is detrimental to her teeth :/) and had a spacer put it.

Passed out at the salon, post dancing post dentis lol

  • I finally got my hair dyed. It’s really annoying to have so much grey hair at my age. Doesn’t hurt that I like red hair :p

She found it hilarious when I was getting my hair dyed. Had to get a pic

  • Puppy joined me at work. So he wouldn’t be lonely.


  • We went to Night at the Museum at the Tellus Museum. This is an amazing annual event that we hadn’t been to since the very first. Actors pose as historical figures as well as fictional characters and stay in character the whole night. An amazing, educational, fun night for all!
  • Of course while we were there she kept trying to see the exhibits, so I promised her the next day we would return. It’s a good thing I have an annual membership 😉
  • Not completely personal or family related, but I must mention the loss of a fantastic entertainer, Robin Williams. On more than one occasion he lightened my darkness and just thinking of Lil Bit’s daddy’s impressions of his ‘Golf’ bit kept me going. A very much missed man and a tragedy he is gone so soon. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry or that I wasn’t affected.
  • I officially stopped working at the dance school. I worked hard to keep things flowing and the yearbook going, but in the end work wasn’t appreciated so I stopped trying. I was sad to go since I truly enjoyed the creativity the job gave me, but I hit more brick walls than anything.


  • Mom celebrated her 1 year wedding anniversary.
  • We returned to the Tellus Museum (shocking, I know lol!)
  • I rediscovered Beauticontrol and became a consultant. Not 100% active, but enough that I can order things when needed. One of the few cosmetic/bath and body companies that I can use with no worries. I have very sensitive skin, but never have issues with their lines.
  • I had a wonderful fanfiction review that unfortunately did not kick my muse into gear, but gave me a great laugh for sure!
    • “I love your stories so very much especially Corvus. I am in need of more just as I am in need of air to breath. If I die before you finish this story my spirit will haunt you until you finish. I will be the most evil ghost too. I have plans to watch over your shoulder as you write, scrape forks against plates. I will make your cat pounce onto you just as you drift of to sleep.

      if that does not get your creative juices flowing I plan to mess up your hair as soon as you’ve got it fixed perfectly. I will hide your keys and remotes every time you set them down. I will make the power flicker just as you’re about to save a text or game. I will leave your toilet lid up for weeks and then start leaving it down when you get used to that.

      You have been warned!”

  • Attended September Saturdays with the SCA group to see what was going on. They had demonstrations and Lil Bit tried her hand at rock climbing. She didn’t get very far, but she did try and that’s what is important to me.

10698578_10152689010210661_3451404578852683035_n     10653473_10152689002270661_5683790131782092619_n     1450728_10152689002425661_1740141738622501889_n


  • I began a fantastic Meal Plan with a local trainer. It’s all via facebook and I lost lots of inches the first month. not only the weight and inches, but my energy sky rocketed!
  • The workplace becomes a bit stressful for me but I hold on (including my tongue… well mostly anyway. By the end of the month I am over the excitement of a new job)
    • I must vent for a moment. One of the girls at work is getting on my nerves… always talking about ‘don’t you miss your child’. Even to customers. I understand she is a new mom, but it is irking and hurtful and inconsiderate IMHOWe had a woman come in who worked 2 jobs M-F. 8-230, then 4-12. The associate said ‘But you never see your son’. And many other things that I had to tune out. I eventually cut in with ‘You do what you have to do.’Trust me when I say this woman knows that. Trust me when I say I know this. I hate missing a lot from Bella. But we do have time together that we cherish all the more. And I was blessed to have been able to stay at home while i could. Now it’s time to work. To show my child that life isn’t just given to you. You work for it to make your home and to get the things you want.

      Stop judging”

  • Pettit Creek Farms for pumpkin picking and more. She got onto the large trampolines and scared herself I think. Again, I am just happy she tried it 🙂 New experiences are hard for her.

Hay Ride and Feeding the animals

1901424_10152744534120661_5378850171434475157_n     1925119_10152744533500661_8746038187247883500_n     1782157_10152744532930661_2966063803080969730_n



Around the Grounds (she had to try to get on the poor Hippo)


Our Pumpkins and a baby one for Puppy lol


  • What’s a pumpkin without the carving. I free hand drew Oogie Boogie (from Nightmare Before Christmas)

Dig out the guts!


Free hand Oogie


  • After reading the Wizard of Oz in class, Lil bit became slightly obsessed. She loved the movie, loved the books and decided to be Dorothy for Halloween. I even got her her very own Toto. It doesn’t hurt that her school has a Storybook Character day and she got to wear it then as well 🙂


  • Halloween didn’t last too long unfortunately. We only trick or treated for about 20 minutes before she complained about her stomach hurting her. She ended up sick with the stomach bug all night 😦


  • Continued on with another month on the Meal Plans. Amazing results!
  • My niece turned 2 and again I could not be there. Me and Bella are missing so much. 😦
  • Beaker arrived for Thanksgiving as always


  • And we always find ways to be creative

10358710_10152823721240661_8349928052328059978_n     1381980_10152823876360661_7116460126170923912_n

  • Lil Bit succeeded with her first wrapped gift.


One more post to go. December had so many things and photos I had to put it on its own!

2014 (PT 1)

An intense and busy year! Since it is so image heavy I am going to split it into 2 posts. Here is through July 🙂

January 2014


  • It was probably record breaking cold in GA this month. 9 degrees? 15 degrees?
  • Snow. In GA. Enough said. Seriously. SEE THIS VIDEO (fyi this is just a couple of exits from my own lol)
  • The city basically shut down and was compared to “The Walking Dead” , kids had to stay overnight in schools since parents couldn’t get there to pick them up. People had to stay overnight in their cars… I was just lucky to have been volunteering at the school library that day.

Librarian: “If you want you can probably take Bella home early.”
Me: “Nah It will be okay.”
5 minutes later…
Me: “You know, I think I will talk to the front office” 

  • Good thing too since with less than an inch on the ground (SLUSH!) I slid a bit going up hill :/
  • The world laughed at GA getting some inches of snow and shutting down… I laughed with them. Even though I lived through the same I could only shake my head at the craziness that ensued. (Check Out: 9 Unbelievable Photos of What 1-2 inches of Snow Did to Atlanta)
  • Little bit enjoyed her first REAL snowfall. Making snow angels and smacking me with snowballs. *memories*

January 28:








  • More snow. No, really, I am serious!




1896902_10152198249870661_616009257_n (1)

  • I chopped my hair off. 14 inches actually. A shock to my system. I couldn’t go out without straightening it because otherwise it looked like I stuck my finger in a light socket… but otherwise I liked it 😉

1939858_10152231078765661_503952958_o (1)          1897780_10152228205625661_1601582772_n (1)


  • Pretty quiet month.
  • March 24: Breakfast Club turns 30 😉
  • Got innovative and bought a $5 drying rack to hold Lil Bit’s Build A Bear animals (AKA: My Little Pony Collection)


1495475_10152294430640661_1392769155_n  10171076_10152294430580661_846923500_n


  • I started Couch to 5K trying to get healthy. I still have a goal of running a 5K. One day I will. I started at about 22 mins/mile. Halfway through the month I was at 15 mins
  • More crafting: skirts, tutus, etc 😉
  • Lil Bit’s first time roller skating! My goddaughter’s 7th birthday party was at a local rink so she got a chance to wear some wheels. At first she was cautious, but by the end of the party she was flying and dancing in her (wheeled) shoes.


  • Like clockwork, every Wednesday (PE day) she would come home and have a snack before doing her homework. Then while doing her homework, she would fall asleep. Never failed.


  • Made a reversible purse to match the dress 😀


  • Pulled Lil Bit’s clothes out one morning… she got mad when i put her in jeans with sparkles. “I don’t want to look cute. I want to be rockin!” Zebra sheer sleeved shirt for the win.


  • Got called back for some interviews for jobs. I had been applying for a long time and was so happy to have the opportunity again.


  • More crafting! Note to self: no more glitter tulle tutus!
  • Attended my beautiful goddaughter’s dance recital 😀
  • Lil Bit performed in her first Talent Show. She was absolutely amazing! The school had told parents to get an instrumental version of the song their child would like to sing – and I was the only one. So, yes, what you hear is all her.

  • We made some craft gifts for her teachers

1st Grade Teacher:

10407397_10152402045090661_7910492290888198581_n  10313984_10152402044910661_5846886172583087173_n10271602_10152402044490661_3632486364177096303_n

Music Teacher:


Art Teacher:


  • Lil Bit Finished 1st Grade! She had such a fantastic and wonderful year! She got an “Artistic Award” and a Certificate for participation in the Talent Show


  • I started my new job at a local furniture store and truly understood the saying ‘my dogs are barking’ lol. 38 hrs in the first week and not allowed to sit except on lunch breaks was hard, especially without proper shoes. It was commission sales and a bit hard to get used to things, but I managed. Finding a sitter was a true P-I-T-A though.
  • My cousin got married in NY and i unfortunately could not make it there. I was looking at the pictures and Lil Bit turns to me and says “Hey Mommy, why don’t you get married with someone else?” *face palm*


  • Lil Bit’s Dance Recital was amazing as always. She loved her fringed costume most as could be seen by the big smile on her face. Somehow we got all her hair into a bun…

10419503_10152480279215661_4089194370461601604_n     10460447_10152438118575661_1436506223867383599_n     10416634_10152438118135661_859451013909080379_n

  • Switched babysitters 3 times. One was too expensive, one unreliable, the other manipulative. Ended going back to the first with a lower fee.
  • Lil Bit experienced her first Flea Market with one of her sitters. Conversation went something like this:

LB: Why are we here, it’s hot
10 minutes later
LB: This is great! Why have we never been here before?!

  • Lil Bit got to see Maleficent at the movies


  • Puppy needed surgery. Mommy handled it well.

10406966_10152488102570661_704789541010809433_n   10446453_10152488127645661_7137195194006614151_n

10449487_10152489841835661_276389085625054334_n    10438162_10152489841740661_1759056567107857592_n    10489943_10152489841680661_720334140773760674_n


  • Since I got my haircut months ago, she decided she wanted hers cute too. Yes, I cried

10522363_10152517839085661_2260464504138827685_n    10524689_10152517839160661_7210550558812364630_n

  • Her first watch. Just like I refused to buy her velcro shoes since I knew she could tie her own, I didn’t want to buy her a digital watch.


  • I turned 31. Google told me happy birthday lol


  • ‘Kids say the funniest things’: Dropped Lil Bit off at the sitter with a pot of mac’n’cheese. When I picked her up, the sitter handed me the pot back- empty and clean.
    Me: What did you have for lunch?
    LB: Mac n cheese!
    Me: Did you eat the whole pot?!
    LB: Well, I didn’t eat the pot…

2013 Recap


So, is it sad that to remember what happened in 2013, i have to refer to my facebook page? Anyone who knows me, knows how horrible my memory is… so here we go! In snippets and pictures, I give you our (mostly Lil Bit’s 2013)

(Skipping the drama!!)


  • Lil Bit enjoyed her first New Year’s Ball Drop. We watched it on TV and she was so wired, she stayed up until 2am. Luckily she slept in until 11!
  • I made resolutions that never followed through (hahaha)
  • 2nd Lost Tooth!
2nd lost tooth! (1st was 12-28-12)

2nd lost tooth! (1st was 12-28-12)

  • Tornado scare in Cartersville and ‘picnic’ in the school hallways!


  • Horton & Horton Hears a Who for Valentines Day from my friend Jen L. who I used to work with at Kennesaw State.
Of Course Lil Bit kidnapped Horton as soon as he came out of the box!

Of Course Lil Bit kidnapped Horton as soon as he came out of the box!

  • This month is always hard for me. Between Valentine’s Day and Lil Bit’s Daddy’s birthday, I tend to be snappish and overemotional (more than usual lol). So nothing really happened.


  • I spent most of March taking pictures for the Dance School’s Yearbook. It was a lot of fun and I’d like to think I was pretty successful! (Pictures were used in ‘Collage pages’. The originals are NOT black and white.)


  • I also had to buy a new coffee pot! lol Hey it’s a very important purchase!


  • My God Daughter turned 6!


  • God Daughter’s dance recital 🙂
  • Kindergarten Graduation! 1950’s style fun!

    Dancing and Singing at Kindergarten Graduation

    Dancing and Singing at Kindergarten Graduation


  • Dance Recital
  • Dance Summer Camp
  • First Pool Party!
Taking a break from swimming

Taking a break from swimming


  • I turned 30! Oh My! Didn’t do anything special… lol


  • Welcome to 1st grade and back to dance!
  • Performances at local fairs with the dance school.
  • I am officially hired in an administrative/office capacity for Spirit of Dance Company. (plug here about the site I set up and continue to manage)


  • My mom (Lil Bit’s Oma) gets Married! And Lil Bit performs a special dance at the wedding for her and her new husband.
Beautiful on Oma's Wedding Day

Beautiful on Oma’s Wedding Day

Lil Bit’s Performance (facebook video)


  • Lil Bit’s first Slumber Party!
  • Pumpkin Carving with Cousins
Get your hand in there!

Get your hand in there!

Pumpkin Guts!

Pumpkin Guts!

Get your hand in there!

Get your hand in there!

  • First Halloween as a witch. I’m so proud! *tear*

Pretty Witch


Trick or Treat!


  • My niece turned one year old and I was so sad that I couldn’t be there to celebrate. It was also a time for a quiet Thanksgiving with just me and Lil Bit.
  • I started working with Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop which is a stuff’n’fluff party business. I go into homes and schools/daycares and help children hand stuff their very own friend.


  • Lil Bit turns 7! Woooow how time flies by! We did her annual number pancake, but i don’t have photos ready to post.
My Little Pony Fan

My Little Pony Fan

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Birthday Party Cake (NOT by me!)

Birthday Party Cake (NOT by me!)

  • Christmas Tree decorating
Just right

Just right

My Frankie. Sings 'Fly Me to the Moon'

My Frankie. Sings ‘Fly Me to the Moon’

Ballerina from 2010

Ballerina from 2010

Our tree 2013

Our tree 2013

  • The trouble with Beaker (Elf on the Shelf)

“Anything for me?”


Yeah… Hi

  • First Stuff’N’Fluff party- Lil Bit’s birthday party
Ready to be chosen

Ready to be chosen

  • Baking cookies for Santa and spoiled rotten with gifts.
Baking Cookies

Baking Cookies

Messy Helper

Messy Helper

Spoiled rotten, but very much loved

Spoiled rotten, but very much loved

So that is 2013 in a nutshell. We have a lot to look forward to in 2014. Many Blessings to everyone for a prosperous new year.



March Update

Maybe I only post when I have something to complain about? 😉

Things are good here. Lil Bit is doing amazing in school as always. She still has her ‘moments’ but they are fewer in between.

I recently found out that she was in Horizon, which is a separate class that takes on some of the brighter children once a week. The way I found this out was that she threw a mega tantrum in the class and lost the privilege to go for a week. While I’m happy that she is in such a program, I’m disappointed that I was not told of this before hand.

The day of that meltdown, I was volunteering at the school library, so once I picked up Lil Bit, I searched out the teacher and personally apologized for her behavior and to learn exactly what had happened. It was embarrassing to hear, but I’m glad I approached her about it. Lil Bit also learned from that experience- if it happens again, she loses two weeks, then three, then she can be taken out of the program completely.

That was a few weeks ago, and so far so good.

On other news, I’ve been enlisted to design the yearbook for Lil Bit’s dance school. I’ve been taking pictures of the classes and have been working with the design. Its a fun opportunity and it keeps me busy.

Along with that I’m still writing a bit and have decided to get back into my 3D artwork.

Lil bit woke me up yesterday morning at 3am with a headache- she had a fever. It came out of nowhere. I took her to the doctor and it turns out she has the Flu :(. I got Tamiflu for her and she seems so much better in just one day. Unfortunately she is missing three days of school this week. I hate that because I feel like a bad mom when she has to miss any school days, but there’s really nothing I can do. She can’t go to school sick and is not allowed to go to school unless a fever has been gone for 24 hours- which i understand and agree with, but it still makes me feel bad.

Other than that, I’ve started to change my eating habits and began to exercise again. I’ve started another blog to see if I can keep up with it. With my mom getting married in September, I have a goal to shoot for 🙂

Well, nothing really exciting is going on, so there’s not much to write about.

Until next time!


Slacker. *cough cough*

Okay, so I’m really (REALLY) bad at keeping journals, so I should have warned you all that this would NOT be consistent.

Things have been going really well here. We spent Thanksgiving in New York and it was a fantastic time. Even if most of the time we were waiting for my sister to go into labor.

FINALLY, the baby decided she wanted to arrive and my sister went into active labor on black Friday.

It was a complete and total mess. The hospital was 40 minutes away, but they still sent my sister home when her contractions were 4 minutes apart. My jaw dropped at that.

Anyway, Amelia Ann Russ finally arrived and just in time before me and lil bit had to return home

Lil bit meets the baby

Lil bit meets the baby

My girl was happy to meet her new cousin, even if she quickly became jealous. She is so used to being the only little one and having all the attention, that it was hard on her that no one was really paying her any attention.

On our second visit, my sis was having problems getting the baby to eat. We sat Lil Bit onto the couch and used a pillow to help position the baby. Finally lil Amelia decided to eat.


We only had a couple of days unfortunately, but we spent what we could with the family.

We didn’t go to visit for Christmas since the Oct and Nov trips were playing havoc on my bank account.


Lil Bit had a quiet birthday this year. I opted out of a party due to cost and her christmas list.

As usual, I made her pancakes 🙂

Sixth Birthday Pancakes

Sixth Birthday Pancakes

It’s tradition for me to make her pancakes on her birthday with at least one shaped in the number of her age.

She received clothes and finally has jeans that fit her (Mommy is doing a happy dance here). She also received arts and crafts things and cool barbie knee and elbow pads.

I got her the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Easel and I’m happy that she loves it. It has a dry-erase board on one side, chalkboard on the other, and a roll of paper for painting. Randomly throughout the day, she will walk to it and draw or write notes. Mostly “I love mommy”. No i’m not tooting my own horn lol.

Birthday Easel

Birthday Easel


Christmas was nice and quiet. Christmas Eve we spent with my cousin and godchildren. We stayed for a few hours before I looked outside and noticed the fog. It was so thick I couldn’t see past he neighbor’s yard. Needless to say the drive home was stressful.

Christmas day was just me an Lil Bit, which I liked. She was spoiled as always, but it kept us busy.

I had a wish list set up on Amazon for her, most of which was arts and crafts, so once her gifts were opened, the paints and brushes and crayons also came out.

She got a Dreamlight, 24 pack of Play-doh, Nintendo 3DS (they were out of the regular DS and i currently have the 3D option turned off), a new mini-lala loopsy, La La Loopsy Sew Cute Patient… and on and on and on and on. My poor child, never gets anything. (insert sarcasm here.)


Well, I’ll update on school in another post and possibly add pictures. This one is a bit image heavy 🙂

OH! And guess who lost her two bottom teeth? Of course it was after christmas, so she can’t ask Santa for them 😉

New York and Update

Greetings all!

First of all, I’m very sorry for the delay in updating, but we have had a busy couple of weeks.

We had a weekend trip to NY from October 5th to the 8th for my sister’s surprise Baby Shower. I picked Lil Bit up from school on Friday and wanted to drive straight to the airport.

But of course, as things go, this wasn’t perfect. Just as we passed a turn the house “Mommy, I have to go potty”. So we stopped at the house and I let her in to run and go before getting back into the car and driving.

I parked at the Parking Spot 2, because I hate airport parking. The driver was so friendly and helpful 🙂

The airport was fairly empty, surprisingly, so we got through security quickly. The only hold up was them making me open my sealed “Lunchable” that I had brought for Lil Bit. (With her Peanut Allergy, I figured better safe than sorry.) This was one that had a bottle of water that they wanted to check.

We ended up there only twenty minutes before it was time to board, so I think we made good time.

New York was fabulous.

Lil Bit’s Abuela picked us up from the airport and grabbed us some Plato Tipico from a Colombian restaurant. Can you say Yummy?

Unfortunately we couldn’t spend a lot of time together since it was late and my grandma was waiting on us. I didn’t want her to have to wait for me :(. By the time we got there is was around 930pm (2130 if you will). Lil Bit didn’t fall asleep until around midnight, with me following about an hour later.

Of course she was up early jumping on me the next day.

Saturday we headed to my mom’s house after finding out that Lil Bit really likes English Muffins, Cream Cheese, and Raspberry Jam… things i don’t buy because if she didn’t like them they would go bad.

I spent some time with my mom before heading out to the hall where we set up the Baby Shower. I was a bit OCD with the balloons, but they were my babies! I bought them with specific centerpieces in mind, so almost had a meltdown when i saw someone else near my balloons.

I think it all worked out well though 🙂

Lil Bit had a blast playing with a balloon while we were waiting for the honoree to arrive. I was happy she had something to keep her occupied.

The shower was fantastic. My sister and her soon-to-arrive bundle of joy were spoiled rotten. Very deservedly so.

Sunday we had planned to shop, but of course it had to be rainy and crappy out all day. So we stayed in. I helped my sis and mom go through the shower gifts to pull out things that they wanted to wash before hand and also just to know exactly what they got.

There is now a HUGE bag of clothes for my sis’ hubby to get washed at the laundromat. Poor thing isn’t going to know what to do with all those tiny clothes! LOL!!

Sunday night i stayed up talking with my grandma. I’m not sure why, but I always felt that I got along a lot better with my grandparents than my sis, brother, or cousins. I don’t know if it’s more patience, but I never had issues with them.

It was really nice to spend time with her either way and we spoke well into the night.

Lil Bit and I left the next day. We got on the plane only to be told we were delayed and hour and would be spending that hour on the runway… I was very happy for picking up some activity books for Lil Bit and packing her crayons on a carry-on. (Actually I think every person that saw her walking along with her rolling princess luggage fell in love immediately lol).

We got home around 930 that night. It was very hard to get up the next day and I was not feeling well at all. After Lil Bit was picked up by the bus, I went back to sleep and slept until 1 in the afternoon. I think i was a bit run down because of the cold weather in NY on Sunday and then all the traveling through the weekend.

Either way I was fine by Wednesday.


Now for the updates! Before we left, Lil Bit had 4 days of Green Clips. On Monday she got yellow, but was great the rest of the week. Upon returning, she got another two days of clips (we flew in monday, she had class Tuesday and Wednesday and was off thursday and friday. This week, she had a green clip on monday and a yellow clip yesterday, ending the streak of green clips.

But i am not disappointed. i am so proud of my Lil Bit!!

And with her reading? She came home Monday with a new toy from the treasure box! Meaning she got through another card. We are now working on her ‘pink’ sight words.

It is so exciting to watch her learn. And even more exciting to see her excited about learning!!

Report cards are coming home today and I can’t wait to see what they have for a kindergartener.


Lastly, Lil Bit is loving her dance classes. We went to her jazz/contempo class last week, but missed ballet and tap. Her having no school on Friday threw my schedule off horribly and I didn’t even realize we missed her class until it was 8pm!

Saturday, she had tumbling class and she is doing better. I have been working with her on her ‘bridge’ and she is getting more flexible.

Next thing is working on her arm strength. They do push ups in class, so I will start incorporating that at home as well.

This weekend her Dance Studio also decided that her class will be performing in a competition in February and April. It is very exciting! We are currently coming up with ideas for fundraising and I’ve got a whole list to bring forward at the next parent’s meeting.

All in all, life is good. I am still researching whether or not we will be moving. I’ve been looking more closely at NY… but am still undecided. I’ve got time, I just hate being between decisions.


I don’t have all of Lil Bit’s words, so I will post an updated list next time. She is still 4 cards ahead of her class though…

Best Week Yet!

An absolutely amazing week this week for lil bit! Monday was a yellow day, but Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and today (Friday). I’m so proud and amazed!

Wednesday a local dance studio held an orientation at lil bit’s school because they are offering ballet as an after school program. While the orientation was good, i think that the setting would be too lax for her personality. After talking with the director, she showed me the other options. The studio is very close to the house, so getting her to class would not be a problem.

While the after school program would be $45 a month for 45 minutes of just ballet, with various performances at school events, the program i was told about was actually their Company dance group. Or in Lil Bit’s case Mini-Company. It’s $77 a month with an annual recital. She will have Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, and Acro (Tumbling). It’s spread through the week so it won’t be too overwhelming. The classes run longer than the usual 45 minutes, so she will actually have a chance to learn ballet instead of playing around the entire time. Not to mention the Mini-Company option is a better deal.

Don’t get me wrong, i want her to have fun, but i know her personality. She needs a stricter environment or she will (1) lose interest or (2) throw tantrums.

The only problem i see is that she doesn’t usually like tap because of the noise. I’ll see how she does. The class is 1 hour of ballet with 30 minutes of tap at the end, worst comes to worst, i’ll keep her out of the ballet class.

Yesterday Lil Bit and I went to Walmart and Payless for her clothes for her classes. The selection was horrendous. I was only able to find 1 short sleeve black leotard in her size. The rest were too large or long sleeves. Luckily i was able to find a pair of shorts!

At payless they are having their BOGO sale, so it was a good time to go. I got her black tap shoes (1/2 size smaller than her street shoes), pink leather ballet shoes, tan tights, and a pair of dress shoes for school.

I also went shopping crazy for my sis at Walmart… i need to control the urge to buy everything cute i see!

As far as school goes, other than the fantastic week of 4 green clips (HOORAY!), bella is 3 sets of sight words ahead of her class. The order is Red, Purple, Yellow, Green, Orange, etc. She has all but 2 words from the orange list.

Anyway, we’ve got ballet/tap tonight followed by ice cream for her fantastic week. Tomorrow she has Acro/Tumbling. I’ll see how she likes the classes and how she responds to the teachers and how the teachers respond to her. My fingers are crossed. This is a great way for us to get out of the house 🙂

Oh! Almost forgot. I’m looking at buying a new camera sometime this weekend! While I really want the Canon SX40, I don’t have the $340 to get it at the moment. I’m looking at the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25K. Another highly rated digital point and shoot camera. I found it refurbished and like new for under $120 *Fingers crossed*

Anyway, hopefully that means i can get some good videos of a reading Lil Bit. For now, I’ll stick with what i’ve got. I have a short video of her reading ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ but I’m having problems posting it. I’ll hopefully be able to post that video and an updated reading progress later on. Until then!


I’m a slacker.

Ok… not so much as I really have nothing major to report. Lil Bit has been fabulous in school. She has had only 1 or 2 red clips this month and is even with Green and Yellow (in order of best to worst: green, yellow, blue, red) and even then it is due to not finishing her morning work or her workstation assignment.

She has also been absolutely amazing me with how easily she catches onto her sight words. The class is currently on Purple, while Lil Bit is 2 lists ahead, finishing up on her green words. We’ll probably start working with orange beginning next week. This gets a little tricky when she gets assignments such as ‘write sight words 3 times each’. I have to look back to make sure she is doing the right words!

I look at some of the words they expected her to learn and I was very surprised. I mean, even thought it is a number, thirteen is a long word, is it not? The hardest word to date was ‘of’ which she kept reading as ‘off’. I don’t blame her, as I read the word moe along the lines of ‘uv’ so it is a bit confusing. She’s got it now though.

The green words are taking some work because they are tricky. They include words where some letters are silent such as where, have, name and who. It gets a bit tricky, but she has once again surprised me and is picking them up easily. The green sight words she has mastered so far are: an, to, cut, is, it, at, as, glue, have. The one’s we are still working on are read (getting used to ‘e’ and ‘a’ sounding like ‘ee’), went (too many silent letters in the list, she keeps asking if the ‘w’ is silent here as well), where, why, write (white vs write. She understands the color ‘white’, but has difficulty separating it from write where the ‘w’ is silent), who (even with the silent ‘w’ difficult associating one ‘o’ with the sound of ‘oo’), name (understands silent ‘e’, but not short ‘a’, used to sounding out with long ‘a’ like in ‘have’)

I’ll try to get an updated reading video posted. She really is doing absolutely amazing.

Nothing else is really going on. We have plans to go to New York for my sister’s baby shower, but i cannot post the date here because it is supposed to be a surprise for her. I’m excited about the visit, but nervous as well. It’s been a while since I’ve been to NY.

We also have plans to visit in November, the week of Thanksgiving. I’m using this week as a sort of ‘test run’ to see if I am comfortable living in the city again. If I’m not then come June/July we will move to Florida instead of NY. As much as I want to be around family (as it is the only reason i am considering moving back to NY) feeling safe is important as well.

Living in GA with not a lot of friends or family around has turned me into a sort of recluse. I don’t get out much, if at all, and I abhor being in crowded places. It’s just me and Lil Bit most of the time with the occasional outing.

I’m looking forward to the week that Bella gets 4 green clips as I promised her a trip to ‘Chuck E Cheeses’ when that happens. I may not like the crowds, but it will be nice to get out for a bit.

Well, that’s it until next time. Time flies when you’re having fun, but I’ll try not to leave it for so long again.


Lil Bit’s reading progress

Sight words: Red: and, the, go, to, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, zero; Purple:  had, he, I, see, has, you, yellow, orange, red, blue, green, black, brown, purple, white, pink; Yellow: eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, in, am, we, of; Green: an, to, cut, is, it, at, as, glue

Books: ‘Casey Cat Has a Hat’ – reads on own without pictures to guide

Updated list: big, books, dress, up, fun, ship, land, sing, is, look, seeds, fall, from, for, on, all, mask, under, beat, ball, bump, shy, over, no, nose, need, help, cat, has, hat, rat, bat, and, mat, taps, map, cap, rap, fan, van, ran, to, fat, mad, bed, pet, fed, in, the, go, to, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, zero, had, he, I, see, has, you, yellow, orange, red, blue, green, black, brown, purple, white, pink

First Sick Day

This morning was going well enough. I woke with my alarm at 6, got Lil Bit up and out of bed and she got her self dressed. She comes out of her room telling me her leg hurt when she put on her pants. I packed up her lunch and helped her with her sneakers and looked at what was bothering her. I’m glad I did.


Beautiful, isn’t it? (Sorry about the quality, only have my phone to take pictures with) While we were at home, it was just a lump. It was warm to the touch so I decided to bring Lil Bit to the Doctor’s office, which apparently opens at 7. We were out the door by 640. Unfortunately office phone lines didn’t open until 8, and also her doctor wouldn’t be there until 8… so we waited (and practiced sight words).

Doctor said something bit her and it looks more like a staff infection. He prescribed both oral and topical antibiotics as well as a steroid cream in case she got itchy. I also had to refill her Epi-pen prescription since her last one expired… damn things cost $260. Total cost for all med was $345. *sigh*

Done and paid for. Lil Bit is okay though and that is what is important. I will keep an eye on her leg over the next couple of days and make sure it doesn’t get worse.

*heavy sigh*

Anyway. On a brighter note, my mom and I are finalizing plans for my sister’s baby shower (she’s due mid-november) and i’m getting excited. I have already called the Kennel to  reserve spots for my cat and dog. Won’t cost too much for the weekend. I’ll be buying my plane tickets soon too. I can’t say when I’ll be in because it’s supposed to be a surprise 🙂

I’ll also be visiting family the week of Thanksgiving. It will be nice to have a real holiday instead of sitting at home with just me and Lil Bit.

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